Welcome to Maria Concetto Winery Tasting Salon

Welcome to Maria Concetto Winery Tasting Salon,
a radiant oasis of luxury and modernity spanning 1,000 square feet with soaring 14-foot ceilings. This venue is well suited for a diverse range of events from corporate meetings to birthday celebrations, photo/video shoots, weddings, and dance parties.

Step into our salon and be enveloped in a world of modern elegance. Adorned with crystal chandeliers, our vibrant dark blue sofas, chairs, and armchairs create a rich tapestry that embodies sophistication and class. The exquisite interior decor lends itself to photo opportunities at every corner, making it the perfect backdrop for any event.
Our spacious indoor area comfortably seats up to 35 guests and can cater to dance and buffet parties for up to eighty persons. The salon is designed to foster an atmosphere of intimacy while still allowing plenty of room for movement and mingling.
Beyond the salon's interiors, we offer a quaint outside front area, a charming space for intimate gatherings of 4 to 6 under the refreshing shade of umbrella. This area provides an idyllic setting for soaking up the beautiful weather and relishing in the peaceful surroundings.
The venue also includes a separate kitchen area, ensuring a seamless catering experience, and an ADA compliant bathroom for the comfort and convenience of all guests.
From its luxury fittings to the high-tech decor and welcoming ambiance, Maria Concetto Winery Tasting Salon promises a unique experience that will leave a lasting impression on your guests. Be it a corporate event, birthday party, or a dream wedding, your event will undoubtedly be a remarkable one in our tastefully curated space.


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