Meet Our Winemakers

Gregory Graziano

Gregory Graziano is not new to winemaking. He has over fifty years of experience in wine and graduated from UC Davis’ Viticulture and Enology program. He is an award-winning winemaker who comes from a long line of Italian winemakers and brings a level of excellence and skill to winemaking that only comes from seasoned experts. It is a tale of travel, immigration, hard work, and dedication to winemaking that brought Gregory Graziano and Maria Reznikova together to make wine. Bonding over their love of wine and Italy, penchant for travel, and unique Russian-Jewish heritage, Reznikova and Graziano formed a friendship that turned into a business adventure – and Maria Concetto Winery was born in Calistoga, CA. 

Harnessing the perfect terroir of the Mendocino valley, Graziano ensures that each vintage is full of flavors characteristic to their varietals and the climate from which they originate.


Patrick Saboe 

Patrick Saboe has over twenty years of experience in the world of wine. It was during his honeymoon in California wine country that he truly fell in love with wine. He left the world of wineselling to pursue a career in winemaking. At UC Davis, he studied viticulture and enology and launched his post-grad career as Harvest Enologist at Hanna Winery and then Assistant Winemaker at Keller Estate. Over the years, he has refined his blending skills and spares no creativity in his science. Patrick is an award-winning winemaker who crafts exquisite blends with the utmost precision and expertise.


Vincent Arroyo

The long time vintner Vincent Arroyo came to the Napa Valley in 1973 after a fellow employee mentioned an ad in the San Francisco Chronicle listing property for sale in Calistoga, located in the northern reaches of the Napa Valley. Over the decades Vincent acquired additional land – including another piece on the valley floor (also in Calistoga) just north of town. He started Vincent Arroyo Winery and wine production in early 1980.

At age 72 Vincent built a new winery for the Otra Vez wines – conveniently located just down the street from Vincent Arroyo Winery. Otraz Vez was founded in 2013 with their first vintage.

The focus of Otraz Vez is on a single wine each year – a Cabernet Sauvignon sourced from two vineyards, Rattlesnake Acres and the Collins Vineyard (the vineyard next to Vincent Arroyo Winery). Today Vincent owns 75 acres of which 65 acres are planted to vines. He has also farmed a Calistoga hillside vineyard for 30+ years called Rattlesnake Acres on the east side of the valley within a very short drive of Otra Vez (23 acres in size it is planted to Cabernet Sauvignon, Petite Sirah, Zinfandel and a little Tempranillo).