Our Story

Maria Reznikova was already an expat in the United States when she made the bold leap to move to Garmisch-Partenkirchen at the breathtaking intersection of Switzerland, Austria, and Germany. Sipping wine in this town was heavenly. The Alps were a majestic backdrop against which she held up her glass and drank in the deep cardinal hues that only a Baden pinot noir could maintain against the brilliant whites and blues of the mountains. 

Maria Reznikova fell deeper in love with wine and developed an explorer’s spirit, finding herself wide-eyed and exhilarated on the streets of Italy. From Verona and Venice during Carnevale, to the lower river wine regions of Bordeaux and Burgundy, to the Mosel and Rhine, wine was her guide, seducing her through Europe. She eventually made her way back to North America, to the sweeping hills of Napa and Calistoga, CA. Her palate matured and noted the distinct variations between each region’s signature aromas and savors.

And so she embarked on her own journey as a maker and entrepreneur, exploring the vast array of wines California had to offer. From the Central Coast and the rainy seaside of Mendocino, to the dryer climate of Napa and the “just right” region of Sonoma, she befriended several winemakers and producers. To reflect Maria Reznikova’s inventive spirit and pay homage to a land where wine is king, she chose the word concetto, meaning “concept” in Italian, to be the anchor for the Maria Concetto Winery name.

Made in the heart of California wine country, from only the finest of grapes, with the utmost attention to detail, Mario Concetto wine brings together centuries of viticulture expertise from around the world to create the finest, most luscious wines. A mosaic of varieties, Maria Concetto wines are breathtakingly exquisite.

We invite you to go on your own journey and let the brilliance of each sip sit on the palate as you breathe in meticulously curated excellence that pours out of every bottle.